Tuesday: 2013, May 28th

This morning we started into another very interesting day in Ireland. After scaring some people in town by playing “HU, HA, HE”, we got on a bus taking us to Glendalough (Irish for “the two seas”).

Glendalough is an abandoned city, which basically consists of a church and a graveyard. So after a few minutes for looking around, we continued hiking to the upper lake. Although we never reached our destination, we found a smaller lake to sit at and have a nice picnic. Then we played teambuilding games in which one of two people had to guide the other “blind” one and lead him to a tree, which he/she had to hug. Being returned to the starting point, their task was to find the hugged tree again with their own eyes.

Then we went back to the bus and returned to Dublin. Having consumed almost the whole day, we started cooking the over lefts and created a meal which Maxi topped with a delicious pot of caramel. After that we had some time to continue with our survey. As the final part of our great day, we had a magnificent sister story as a human seeing herself as the mother of all young animals.


Maxi März & Clara Busch

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