Wednesday: 2013, May 29th

Today we started by working on our project/ part oft he survey …but only for an hour. Afterwards we took the train to go to the German Embassy. We were quite surprised to find that it was located in a residential area close to the sea. The embassy was not a very nice building from the late 70s. We were welcomed very friendly by the consultant for culture and press. He told us about his life as a diplomat and the work at the embassy. After the meeting, we found a supermarket for lunch and we had a picnic, we moved on to the European Union House. There we had another presentation (this time about the EU) that was followed by a quiz. For some reasons the group Jojo was part of won… Afterwards we enjoyed some free time till we met for going to a pub in order to eat typical Irish food. The food was very nice and the atmosphere was comfortable. Back at the hostel we started our traditional evening round. That took quite long as we tried to figure out a date for the next meetings. Now we are looking forwards for the night walk and no sleep till we are leaving the hostel at 4:30 tomorrow.


Lea Diederichsen & Chiara Ostermeier

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