Monday: 2013, May 27th


Today we continued an EuroHopper tradition by visiting the parliament of Ireland. A security guard gave us a tour and did a great job although it was quite hard to understand him …another example for the strong Irish accent. Afterwards we moved on to another tradition and tried (and succeeded) to write “EuroHopper” in front of the parliament. As Maxi was already hungry (as always) we went to get some burritos. In the restaurant a few members of the group tried to build their own Coca-Cola monument and attracted a lot of attention by the other visitors. With new energy, we went on to get more information at the European Union House by collecting loads of flyers.

A few of our participants got quite euphoric as they were informed about the next part of the programme: Free time! And Suse did something highly untypical for her by telling us we had to go shopping! After a few hours of “hardcore shopping” the results had to be presented to the group.

After the fun part, we had to get back to work: A discussion about independence on a personal as well as political level. A part of the workshop was to interview Irish people about their attitude towards independence. It was also interesting to hear their opinion about the European Union.

As one of the boys (we don’t want to name him) was hungry again, we had to go shopping for our dinner. Andi, who was today leader, did great organisation, so we were able to cook a quite good Chilli con Carne. The evening continued by discussing the results of our interviews and a few energizers to motivate the group – even outside of hostel at the river.

We’re looking forwards to tomorrow as we’re going out of Dublin again.

Lea Diederichsen & Elena Kirsch

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